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The Night That Was: The King Built a Wall

The IceCaps lost in OT and the Rangers won with their backs against the wall.

The wall the King built.
The wall the King built.
Bruce Bennett


Los Angeles Kings 1 New York Rangers 2

There was a gap behind Henrik Lundqvist. One that was big enough to let a puck into the net, until he built a wall. That wall kept the puck out and the Rangers up 2-1 in the game. The Rangers got lucky enough to be able to die another day. The series shifts back to LA on Friday.


Mike Richards to the Jets if he is bought out? Gary Lawless thinks he would be a good fit.

Garret disagrees politely.

Don Cherry dancing to techno is something we all need in our lives.

Ice girls are not treated that well.

Jen LC with a breakdown of the Chicago Blackhawks zone entries.

Spezza to the StarsIt's a thought from the Stars beat guy and would have big implications for ConferenceIII.

Inaccurate player assessment, but calling out Chevy is still worth something IMO.

Justin Bourne on how playing Rick Nash with less may let the Rangers get more from him.

Who should win the Conn Smythe?

Garret wrote something on how defensive defensemen are struggling in the playoffs.

Someone should watch the Oilers breakouts next year; Ramsay has an interesting comment on breakouts from the past.

Brad Richards has struggled and that is a problem for the Rangers. (In French, fancy stats translation)