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The Night That Was: Quick is King

The Kings won to go up 3-0 in the Final and the IceCaps evened their series at 1-1. See Truck's recap for more.

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Bruce Bennett


Los Angeles Kings 3 New York Rangers 0

The Rags fell victim to some bad luck and Jonathan Quick remembered to goal tend well. When these two things happen, the Kings tend to win. Now if only the fancy new MSG had a score board that worked all the time.


NHLers are just like us. They also sleep on planes.

Scoring isn't the only thing that matters.

The salary cap will be going up. Mirtle breaks it down.

Hockey awards the title of "Best Player in the World" like some award participation ribbons. It's Crosby, accept it

Asset management, Leafs style.

The Journal of Hockey Analytics has another issue curtesy of Josh W.

The New York Rangers had reasons to be hopeful yesterday.

Hockey Canada and US Hockey may ban fighting in junior hockey. Huzzah!

Down Goes Brown's Grab Bag includes Sad Youppi! and is therefore amazing.