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The Night That Was: Sid Scored and Hockey Happened

Pittsburgh goes up 2-1 on the Rangers and Anaheim is now heading to L.A. down by two.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports


Pittsburgh Penguins 2 New York Rangers 0

Marc-Andre Fleury has back to back shutouts in the playoffs on back to back nights. This is not a drill. Sidney Crosby finally scored a goal and all is well. Just don't ask Arby about Jussi Jokinen right now. Pens lead the series 2-1. Game four goes Wednesday at 6:30 CST on CBC.

Anaheim Ducks 1 vs Los Angeles Kings 3

The Ducks thoroughly outplayed the Kings, but the Kings had just enough luck (and a good portion of Marian Gaborik) to win. This series moves down the freeway to L.A. for game three. Kings lead the series 2-0. Game three goes Thursday at 9:00 CST on TSN.


Gary Lawless says that buying out Ondrej Pavelec may be bad business for a small market team with limited revenue.

Justin reminds too keep on the sunny side because we could be the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Truck breaks down the forwards on the power play and it is evident that the Jets need help there.

Someone created a video of Ilya Bryzgalov's weirdness and it is glorious.

Sean Fitz-Gerald continues to break down myths surrounding P.K. Subban.

Justin Bourne defends the players right to protect themselves when being hit.

Down Goes Brown explores the difficult definition of a player who is a winner and one who is a loser.

Adam Gretz explains just how great Marian Hossa is at playing hockey.

Steve Simmons shows us just how crazy the Leafs may be in their front office.

Neil Greenberg compares the Chicago Blackhawks use of analytics to the Toronto Maple Leafs and the results are telling in regards to the validity of analytics.

Gary Bettman addressed the Subban situation while praising NBA commissioner Adam Silver, and Bettman really does not say much about racism in hockey at all.