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The Night That Was: Hockey Played; Stuff Happened

Lundqvist was sent to the corner as the Habs beat the Rangers in a win or go home match.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

Montreal Canadiens 7 New York Rangers 4

Montreal and New York decided to have Wild and Wacky Wednesday on a Tuesday; playing a game that had so much chaos in it that Bob Cole could have called the entire game by saying "everything is happening" and no one would have blinked. King Lundqvist was pulled after letting in four goals.

Jets Links:

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Game four in the ECF was like riding a mechanical bull.

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Eddie Lack could pick a helmet design with a unicorn on it.

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Playing with a broken jaw can affect you curtesy of Justin Bourne.

Sean Fitz-Gerald has video of a Sasquatch sighting at the Habs practice facility.

Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook are struggling, which is bad for the Chicago Blackhawks.

Narratives are stupid, lazy, and can easily be proven wrong as demonstrated by Lyle Kossis on PensBurgh.

Max Pacioretty is a rare player in the sense that he talks about how luck affects his performance game to game.

Breaking! Hockey was brought over to Canada from England by soldiers back when Canada was known as British North America.