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Terrel's 2014 NHL Draft Rankings - Part 3: 21-30

Late first round picks are often tossed around as trade bait at the trade deadline yet players in this range can often be key. Even though Bobby Clarke couldn't remember his name on draft day Claude Giroux drafted #22 has become the Flyers captain and leading scorer in the past few seasons.

Flyers Captain Claude Giroux was drafted #22 overall by Philadelphia in 2006
Flyers Captain Claude Giroux was drafted #22 overall by Philadelphia in 2006
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

As we begin the top 30 it is important to remember that this is not a mock draft. These are merely my rankings on who I believe will be the best NHL players. So, no I do not think that this is where the players will taken by the team with the corresponding pick.

There will be a few extra categories added to the player descriptions going forward. The "NHL projection" is what I believe he players upside is - if everything pans out perfectly. The player comparable is merely a style comparison to a current NHL player it does not imply the player will either reach that level, nor is he bound by that as an upper level.

This is an interesting draft. Outside of the top end, there is very little consensus. A player ranked eight or nine on one list may sit in the twenties on another. The lack of consensus should make for an exciting draft day with many surprises. It is entirely possible that somebody in this group could be in play for the Winnipeg Jets 9th overall pick.

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30. RW/C Nick Magyar (Kitchener, OHL) - Magyar has been a quite riser this year. He went from Cleveland Midget hockey and struggling in the USHL to leading the Kitchener Rangers in scoring this season. Magyar is a strong two-way player with a strong motor. His minus-18 is deceiving due to the poor Rangers team. He battles really well along the boards and makes strong, safe plays in both ends of the rink. Despite the safe game he plays, Magyar can still surprise with some offensive flair. His rapid development suggests that he may have further upside and his safe game projects really well to the NHL game.

Birthdate: May 29, 1996.  Height: 6'2''.  Weight: 192lbs.

NHL Projection: Versatile, two-way 2nd/3rd line forward

Comparable: Wayne Simmonds

29. C Robby Fabbri (Guelph, OHL) - Fabbri is a late rising forward in part due to a really strong playoffs with the Memorial Cup bound Guelph Storm. He did have a great regular season as well though. Fabbri is a very fast and elusive player on the ice. He is one of the better skaters in the draft. He flys around the ice and thrives with the puck on his stick. He also has has a wicked wrist shot that he gets off very quickly. Despite his smaller size, Fabbri is willing to engage physically although he is often over-matched. At times Fabbri can be inconsistent and he struggles with defensive reads. His below average size and shooting tendencies tend to suggest he will project to the wing at the next level.

Birthdate: January 22, 1996.  Height: 5'10''.  Weight: 165lbs.

NHL Projection: Undersized, speedy 2nd line forward

Comparable: Nazem Kadri

28. LW Ivan Barbashev (Moncton, QMJHL) - Barbashev, despite being an import in the CHL in just his second year in North America, wore an "A" for the Moncton Wildcats. Those leadership attributes should help the young Russian and would likely be a big plus in the eyes of most NHL teams. On the ice, Barbashev was Moncton's best player night in, night out. He finished second in the team scoring by a single point despite playing in 16 fewer games than the leader. He is a very elusive skater despite not having blazing speed. Barbashev has deceptive hands with a quick hard shot making him a threat whenever the puck is on his stick. He does still have some work adjusting to the quick, hard defenses of North America. He still needs to improve his consistency level, but his offensive talent is huge.

Birthdate: December 14, 1995.  Height: 6'0''.  Weight: 181lbs.

NHL Projection: Shifty 2nd line, playmaking winger.

Comparable: Alexander Semin

27. D Jack Glover (US National Development Program, USHL) - Glover is an interesting player as he is, in my opinion, both a really polished player and a bit of a project. Glover is a product of the UDNDTP which has produced top picks like Jack Johnson and Erik Johnson, but he is by no means as physically gifted as those players. Glover played at just 172lbs in USHL in 2012-13 despite being almost 6'3'. Glover does play a very polished, consistent game in both ends of the rink. He is a solid skater and makes good, solid decisions with the puck. He has shown the ability to create offense as well with a good shot and smart decisions. Glover is heading to University of Minnesota next year where the key for him is to get bigger and stronger while continuing to refine his game.

Birthdate: May 17, 1996.  Height: 6'3''.  Weight: 192lbs.

NHL Projection: Consistant, two-way, 2nd pairing defenseman

Comparable: Alex Edler

26. RW Nikolai Goldobin (Sarnia, OHL) - Goldobin is one of those players that never really blows people away with his attributes. He has solid speed, good hands, quick hard shot yet none of those things are particularly spectacular. Still, he always finds a way to get on the score sheet.  He is incredibly smart in the offensive zone, easily finding the dead areas to either hide and wait for a pass or to make the perfect pass to an open teammate. He instinctively knows where people are on the ice. On the other hand, Goldobin tends to neglect that great IQ in the defensive zone and at times gets overwhelmed battling bigger opponents. His 98 points were good for 7th most in the OHL this past season. His minus-30 rating looks a little scary, however Sarnia was by far one of the worst teams in OHL and his minus-30 was far from worst on his team. He will need to work on his compete level in all 200 feet of the rink, however with his hockey IQ there is some huge potential there.

Birthdate: October 7, 1995.  Height: 6'0''.  Weight: 185lbs.

NHL Projection: High hockey IQ, 1st/2nd line all around, offensive player.

Comparable: Jordan Eberle

25. D Haydn Fleury (Red Deer, WHL) - Fleury is ranked a little lower here than in many other places. Fleury is the type of player that teams tend to fall in love with on draft day. He has great size and loves to use it. He can throw some great hits. He also has a very technically sound skating stride and is hard to knock off his skates. He makes a very solid first pass out of the zone and does not often get caught running around his own zone. He even stepped up this season offensively ,showing off a good shot and good offensive instincts.  he question mark is whether that offense and all around game is strong enough for the next level. His lack of any truly dynamic talent creates a question mark next to his upside. He broke out this year wearing the "A" for the Rebels, leading their D in scoring. but was largely shown up on the big stage at U-18's. He plays a safe consistent game from Red Deer, but as the numbers narrow more is needed.

Birthdate: July 8, 1996.  Height: 6'3''.  Weight: 201lbs.

NHL Projection: Physical, two-way, 2nd pairing defenseman

Comparable: Willie Mitchell

24. D Roland McKeown (Kingston, OHL) - McKeown was named captain of team Canada at the U-18's.This was his second appearance at the U-18 tournament. Roland is coming off a breakout year in Kingston where he was second in defensive scoring and led the team with a +38 rating. McKeown is a great skater who has come a long way in his two-way game over the course of this season. He makes a great first pass and is willing to lead the rush himself as well to push the play. He still needs plenty of refinement in his game, but he is certainly trending the right direction.

Birthdate: January 20, 1996.  Height: 6'1''.  Weight: 194lbs.

NHL Projection: Skating, two-way, 2nd pairing defenseman

Comparable: Christian Ehrhoff

23. C/LW Sonny Milano (US National Development Progran, USHL) - Milano has some of the best hands in draft. Those hands have helped him lead all draft eligibles on the USNDTP this year and at the U-18's. He is also a very elusive skater with a knack for finding the soft areas on the ice. Milano does not often need to battle for pucks due to his speed, elusiveness, and hands in the corners but when he does, he is hindered by lack of strength. He needs to get stronger, however if he can round his game out his offensive talent could make him a key player.

Birthdate: May 12, 1996.  Height: 5'11''.  Weight: 185lbs.

NHL Projection: Undersized, crafty 2nd line forward

Comparable: Jiri Hudler

22. C Jayce Hawryluk (Brandon, WHL) - It's pretty shocking to see Hawryluk listed at 5'10''. He looks much bigger than that and plays much bigger. He has a great motor that never stops going while playing a mature, pro style game. He sees the ice very well using while using his really sturdy frame to make some great passes. He is not afraid to battle in the corners or in front of the net. He plays strong in both ends of the rink as well. The big concern with Hawrlyuk is going to be his size. He will need to continue to add muscle to his frame to play his style of game at NHL level.

Birthdate: January 1, 1996.  Height: 5'10''.  Weight: 192lbs.

NHL Projection: Gritty, playmaking 2nd line forward

Comparable: Brendan Gallagher

21. LW Brendan Perlini (Niagara, OHL) - The Bristish-born Canadian is a really enigmatic forward. After struggling mightily in his rookie year with Barrie in 2012-13, a mid-season trade to Niagara sparked him. He followed that up with a widely impressive 2013-14 campaign in which leading his team in goals. He also tied for 2nd in goals on Team Canada at the U-18's. He has a big, strong frame which he uses very effectively for puck protection. He has good hockey IQ in the offensive zone with a knack for finding the soft areas. He has a solid shot and can use his size effectively to win puck battles. However, and in part due to his style, he tends to disappear at times in the game. He does not possess the greatest top end speed either. If he can continue to work on his game he can be an impact NHL player.

Birthdate: April 27, 1996.  Height: 6'2''.  Weight: 205lbs.

NHL Projection: Possession 1st/2nd line winger

Comparable: Thomas Vanek