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The Night That Was: Shipping Out of Boston

The Boston Bruins are eliminated by the Montreal Canadiens and we have a game seven in SoCal!

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Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

Boston Bruins 1 Montreal Canadiens 3

Habs win the series 4-3.

Carey Price won another elimination game this year, upping his total to 5 elimination games including the Olympics and only two goals allowed. Frankly, I am just glad this series is over so we can go find Dougie Hamilton's immediate family.

Anaheim Ducks 1 Los Angeles Kings 2

LA pushed this to a GAME 7 with a fluky goal after getting all the corsis. Remember that you need all the corsis kids. (They didn't really have all the corsis, but they won the corsi battle).


James Mirtle link dump is commencing.

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On how playing a small lineup has helped the Canadiens more than it has hindered them.

An interview with former Leafs assistant Scott Gordon.

On the Montreal Canadiens paying up Mr. P.K. Subban (don't think offer sheet as it takes two to negotiate those).

And finally on trading Dion Phaneuf and Jason Spezza.

Bruce Arthur on the Habs, who are fearless.

Sean Gentille wants us to know that Montreal was well behaved last night!

Adam Gretz on what is wrong with the Penguins.

Cam Charron on how bad the optics are for the Leafs.

*I am still experiencing YouTube issues and cannot post the CBC montages, so go onto YouTube and search Tim Thompson to see them*