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The Night That Was: Eeny, Meeny Manitoba

Chicago lost all composure, another Manitoban scored an overtime winner, and Nathan MacKinnon arrived in style.

Go and catch a Brandon Cobra
Go and catch a Brandon Cobra
Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

St. Louis Blues 4 Chicago Blackhawks 3 (OT) Chicago has lost who they are. Instead of skating away from scrums and beating the Blues with skill, they have turned to Bruins-like tactics and it is affecting their game significantly. Although they are winning the possession battle, their undisciplined play eventually led to their demise as the final two goals against were power play goals. Brent Seabrook threw an ugly hit that warranted a phone hearing, meaning the maximum amount of games he can get is five. David Backes is most likely out indefinitely with a concussion. Game 3 goes Monday at 7:30 CST. Blues lead the series 2-0

Pittsburgh Penguins 3 Columbus Blue Jackets 4 (2OT) The Pens jumped out to a 3-1 lead thanks in no small part to Brian Gibbons scoring two goals. Columbus battled back to tie the game about halfway through the third on the power play. Matt Calvert of Brandon, Manitoba scored the winner on overtime. This win gives the Blue Jackets franchise their first playoff win, leaving the Thrashers/Jets as the only franchise without one. Game 3 goes Monday at 6:00 CST. Series is tied 1-1.

Minnesota Wild 2 Colorado Avalanche 4 Nathan MacKinnon had a four point night giving him seven points in two playoff games. The Avalanche seem like they are a fun team to watch, but I cannot cheer for them on principle. If you remember back to late October/early November goalie Semyon Varlamov was arrested for domestic violence charges. He was never charged as prosecutors did not feel like there was enough evidence to convict him. Anyways, the Avs decided that the acceptable response to the initial arrest was to start Varlamov. From a competitive standpoint it was, but he had just been released and it rubbed me the wrong way. Never mind the response of the media was to question the validity of the victims claims. I will not watch an Avs game these playoffs because of this. Game 3 goes Monday at 6:00 CST. Avalanche lead the series 2-0.


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Games start at 11:00 am CST tomorrow, so be ready to watch hockey all day.

*credit to the "Eeny Meeny Manitoba" poem for the title and photo caption.