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Instant Recap: Game 77 Jets Make Coyotes Whimper

Jets went into Phoenix without much hope, but they won anyways.

Christian Petersen

I didn't watch the game as I was paper writing, but it sounds like the Jets got lucky and had the Coyotes hit a few posts to win. Good for them. Hopefully the defence gets a little healthy soon.

*Warning: The following points include extreme sarcasm*

10 Thoughts

1. Pavelec is back to normal. After a truly Pavelec like performance last night, he followed it up with more of the same tonight, meaning he was delightfully inconsistent as always. #TeamPavs

2. This game would have been as great evaluation game for Hutchinson. I guess they will evaluate him in the final 6 games of the season.

3. Is only allowing one goal as good as a shutout for Pavs? It should be.

4. Spring Break must mean everyone going down to Arizona for a Jets game. Take notes NHL.

5. Evander Kane is a good player and does not need to be traded for depth.

6. He has also been producing since being separated from Olli Jokinen. As cool as #OlliFace is, Olli is the second line centre the Jets deserve, but the one they need.

7. Hopefully Jacob Trouba only learns off ice habits from Mark Stuart. On ice, I want him learning from Byfuglien's wild ways.

8. Bryan Little appreciation comment. He didn't score tonight, but Bryan Little is awesome and I wanted to say that.

9. Postma may be a good 5/6/7, which the Jets have a million of already. Who wants a free depth defence man? highest bidder wins a Clitsome!

10. The Dallas Stars winning earlier, coupled with the Coyotes loss means that the Stars have currently edged the Coyotes out of a playoff spot for the moment.

Bonus Thought:

Even if you are a farmer, you don't have to sign up for Just like you don't have to buy the Bacon Wave or Zoomies. The Jets should never make you feel so desperate that these become options. Just say no, you deserve better.

T-5 games until we are relieved of watching this team.