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Instant Recap Game 82: Jets Beat the Flames 5-3 to End the Season

The end is here! We have made it through 82 games. Some were good, some were bad and we will never get the time spent back. But the Jets won tonight and that is that.

Toby Time!
Toby Time!
Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets went into Calgary on the second half of a back to back to finish their season. The first started off well, with the Michael Frolik scoring off of a fluke goal when TJ Brodie deflected his pass into the net. I forget who scored the second goal because all I remember is Hudler's goal to start the second and then KlingerSmash! Carl Klingberg with his first NHL goal (enter players that have more goals than James Wright joke here).

Olli and STUUU took some veterany type penalties to put the Jets down 5-3 and the Flames scored and then they scored again. 3-3.

In the dying minutes of the third, Paul Postma, who missed time with a blood clot this year, scored his first of the year. Blake Wheeler iced it after a Toby Enstrom penalty and the Jets won for one last time this season!

Ten Thoughts (Nine About Tobias Enstrom):

1. Michael Hutchinson started the game off strong. There was a scrambly moment where his calmness and positioning helped him. After a tough giveaway, he really looked good. Onto the second. So score effects are working really well for the Flames, but Hutchinson is playing a solid positional game and tracking the puck well. Writing about Pavelec was more interesting. Let in three goals, but Hutchinson is still tracking rebounds well and not being slid into by defence men; can't ask for much more. Looked good in the third, really held the Jets in there

2. Tobias Enstrom is described as the easiest defence man to play with on the Jets because he is a quietly good player who makes playing D easier.

3. Toby has finally played in all 82 games this year. He hasn't done that since his second last year in Atlanta. He is clearly at his best in the West. The East is too good for Toby.

*I break up TobyFest™ to congratulate Carl Klingberg on his first NHL goal! Fourth line winger next year?*

4. Toby has a #GoodStick. A #GoodStick is important for defence men. Ask James Mirtle about this.

5. Toby is Swedish. He is low maintenance and well Swedish. Swedish is cool.

*Veteran presence clap, clap, clap, clap, clap*


6. Toby was an eighth round pick. He had to battle his way into the NHL and has been a fine NHLer for seven years now.

7. Toby is capable of blocking a shot, corralling the puck, and exiting the zone in one smooth play. Mark Stuart is capable of blocking a shot.

*The AHL gang does it again! Great for Postma after his health scare this year.*

8. Continuing on in the theme of Toby, he is easily the Jets best left handed defence man. Do not look at the left side without Toby. Ever.

9. He is a little guy, but yet he can go into the corner and come out with the puck more often then not. Toby is a heady little player.

10. Sometimes Toby hits bigger guys to get the puck and it is awesome. Toby_hit_sharks_medium


Bonus Thought:

I hope everyone has enjoyed this season on AIH as much as I have. I hope everyone has a Pavelec free offseason and comes by during the playoffs as I will make sure there are watch threads every night. Garret will be running a season review and there some other fun stuff as well. Keep checking out the website and come back for next season. Until next time. -Cara