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Game 81: Jets Beat Bruins 2-1 in the Shootout

The Winnipeg Jets took on the Boston Bruins in the last home game of the year.

Square to the shooter, remain in the net. That was easy.
Square to the shooter, remain in the net. That was easy.
Marianne Helm

Undermanned and playing a Bruins team that was resting players in preparation for the playoffs. Brad Marchand opened up the scoring following a mistake from Adam Pardy. The Jets pressed, finally breaking through the Bruin wall in the last two minutes. Kane scored from Wheeler and all made sense in the world.

One more game and that is it for the year. Here come the Jets, Calgary.

Ten Thoughts:

1. Michael Hutchinson looks pretty good for playing in his second game ever. Brad Marchand scores a pretty goal that saw Adam Pardy not look good. OMG!! What a great save on an Iginla break away! His parents are at the game tonight and he is playing great <3. Hutchinson continues his solid play through the third and overtime, cumulating into his first win in the NHL after stopping three in the shootout.

2. Jets are playing better, but their defensive zone coverage is questionable at best.

3. I could live with a fourth line featuring Carl Klingberg next year. I would definitely take him over Jim Slater, Chris Thorburn, and Anthony Peluso. Give Carl a chance.

4. Adam Pardy is not having a good game. He has moments offensively where he looks nice, and then he has moments defensively that he reminds you why he started the year in St. John's.

5. STUUUUUU, needs to stop taking penalties. Mark Stuart needs to play less next year. Only *checks Capgeek* four more years. And he got a raise. Hold me, I can't take this much longer.

6. Blake Wheeler enters the zone so well and then stops. His zone entries are lovely, but he is faster than his line mates and stands around waiting for them. He loses the puck sometimes because of this.

7. Jets played the Bruins well and rightfully earned two points. Having a goalie helps with this.

8. 95% of people responding to the TSNJets poll think goaltending is the biggest problem with this team. These people are right.

9. Is Pavelec going to play another game for the Jets? With him needing to be healthy for a buy-out. He is not going to the World Championships and hopefully the buyout papers are being filled out as I type so the Jets can start working on cleaning up the net area.

10. Tobias Enstrom, Bryan Little, and Michael Frolik have played in ever game this year. High fives to them.


I am willing to do short previews of the 16 playoff teams and watch threads every night if people are interested. If you are, let me know in the comments and I will start working on the preview tomorrow.