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What can you say? The Jets had a more then just score effects third period melt down.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The title was way better and the sarcasm was fired up, ready for a sarcastic, happy recap. Instead I turn to San Jose for some outside perspective on this game

*Programming note: I invited @stace_ofbase, a San Jose Sharks fan and noted Ducks hater as well as a writer at the Canafornians to help me tonight because a diversified perspective is needed.

1. The Ducks let Ondrej Pavelec achieve his career goal of more points than James Wright in a season. Let that sink in. Also, Pavelec finished the first period! And the second! Get him out of there before he hurts himself. He returned in time for the third. I missed you, Pavs.

2. Curtesy of Garret

3. Stace's first thought: "it was just a bunch of laughter and crying and white knuckles".

4. Stace's second thought: "Pavelec is just *bacon wave* terrible". So right Stace, so very right.

5. Fear the Fin (@fearthefin) chimed in and wants Pavelec fired into the sun. I would be alright if he went to join the community on Mars instead.

6. Can Michael Hutchinson be evaluated for the rest of the season and Pavelec stowed away for safe-keeping, just so, you know?

7. The Pavelec horse has been beaten to a pulp. I am done talking about it.

8. Farewell, sweet Teemu. You may not be connected to the Jets 2.0 (we will claim Kovalchuk though), but you loved us and you are kind to us. Ride off into the sunset good man and do not be afraid to visit. I am sure everyone will still love you.

9. Um, I guess that whole game happened. That was not an early April Fool's joke and this really did happen. I love unpredictable things. Hopefully the snowstorm doesn't. *tired, cranky Cara*

10. In the words of Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole "And this whole third period was one giant ya blew it segment".

Bonus Thought:

Blegh. Urgh, Blech. The Jets have a former all-star defender playing forward because of turnovers and yet they let Stuart defend however he does and Enstrom to play with partners that do not make up for his lack of size. The Jets had no proper shut down pair tonight and no pair that was suited to take D-zone draws. Understaffing your defence like this is on the coach and GM. Get it together guys.

Is the season over yet?