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Instant Recap: Valiant third period not enough to lift Winnipeg Jets past Ottawa Senators

The Winnipeg Jets started off playing horribly. As the game went on, the Jets became stronger, but their effort was not enough to mount a comeback.

Marianne Helm

Today was no the best start for the Jets. Aside from not scoring on a 5 on 3, the Jets were scored on by the struggling Jared Cowen. The second did not prove to be much better when Mark Stuart bowled over Ondrej Pavelec, taking him even more out of position and leaving an empty net for the Senators to score on. It was a funny play though.

The third period featured some line juggling and score effects. Eric Tangradi being moved to the third line in place of Halischuk was an effective move, allowing Frolik to play with a possession driving winger. Dustin Byfuglien blew a shot into the net, but that was as close as the Jets could get. The Sens won 5-3 in a game where the refereeing was suspect, as was Pavelec and the defence for stretches.

Ten Thoughts

1. The pre-game ceremony honouring the military was really well done and the players seemed to be impressed with it as well. The Jets did a really good job with that. And this happened post game.

2. The Cowen goal is a stinker. Pavelec has been playing well lately, but he was horrible today. Yes, he made a few good saves, but he was out of position numerous times and it cost the Jets.

3. The Jets were horrible in the first and okay in the second. They are in a battle for a playoff spot, but you would not be able to tell by their play early in the game.

4. Tobias Enstrom needs support on the blue line. The Jets are thin up front but having Byfuglien back there with Enstrom makes both better.

5. Enstrom also needs to shoot the puck more, good things happen when he does.

6. Bryan Little's goal today was really pretty. I loved his effort on the puck while he was falling down. Little is by dar the best centre the Jets have and need his play to continue for them to find any success.

7. A small Twitter poll led me to believe that Tangradi will not face supplementary discipline. A clean hit that may have been late.

8. Erik Karlsson negating a Byfuglien scoring chance is a sight to see.

9. Ales Hemsky was magical with the puck today. Well worth the cost that Sens paid for him and if he elect to go to free agency this summer, I would love the Jets to sign him.

10. Pavelec struggles in afternoon games and has played a lot lately. Montoya should have started this game because of that. Pavelec playing did not lead to the lethargic play in front of him but he did not help the cause.

*Bonus Thought*

Today is March 8th, which may be the worst day in NHL history. On this day in 1937 Howie Morenz died of a coronary embolism in 1937, Steve Moore was attacked by Todd Bertuzzi in 2004, and Zdeno Chara gave Max Pacioretty a concussion and fractured vertebrae in 2011. Probably the darkest day in NHL history with all these events happening on it.