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Instant Recap: Winnipeg Jets come up short in overtime loss to New York Islanders

A bad effort from the Jets, leads to a bad effort with the recap. Paper writing has done me in.

Marianne Helm

That was a pretty terrible effort from the Jets considering they were playing a depleted Islanders team that is on the verge of trading one star, has another one injured, traded one of their players this morning. The Jets should have walked them and yet they did not. So here we are, loser point and all. The Canucks have all but thrown in the towel, but the Dallas Stars are charging hard.

According to Patrick Williams Mark Scheifele will  get tests on his lower body injury tomorrow. One has to think that O'Dell is the call up to replace him if he misses any amount of time. Hopefully Scheifele is not badly hurt and alls well, the ends well.

Too Many Thoughts

-Eric Boulton scored the last hat trick for anyone wearing the Atlanta Thrashers jersey. Let that sink in. It wasn't a talented player like Wheeler, Kane, Ladd, or Little, but Eric Boulton.

-The Trouba/Stuart pairing seems a bit rough. May be an eye test thing but Trouba especially seems to really be struggling. Stuart is playing out of his depth but that is not his doing.

-Anders Lee goal was rather smart. He waited until the puck was just below the crossbar to knock the puck into the net. And the NHL agrees with me.

-Free pizzas tonight in honour of Johnny Oduya.

-Scheifele down :(

-Jets look out of sorts on the PP and then they almost scored but where was the puck?

-LLW lives to die another day. Who else can play centre anyways?

-the New York Islanders feature two Anders, a Nelson, a Nielson, and a Nilsson. Anders Nilsson (the goalie) looks a bit like Pavelec, except he isn't signed long term or to big money.

-Scheifele being gone for the night is a hole. If he misses more time, the Jets need Eric O'Dell and not a grinder.

BREAKING: Arby is will be fine with Stuart being given an extension if Setoguchi is moved out. This is not a drill.

-The Jets aren't looking so hot. They got the out of town help from will they come though.

-Andrew Ladd scores again. This could make tomorrow interesting, but it shouldn't, Chevy should just stick to his plan.

-How did Ladd get there anyways? Far away from everyone else.

Puck Over Glass Penalty!

-This overtime is fun, but the Jets got really lucky on the Islanders 2 on 1 when Hamonic's stick broke.

-Grabner is fast #HotTake

Game Over.