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Instant Recap: Game 72 'Canes at Jets

Jets cannot win against the 'Canes on Buff's Bobble Head Night.

Shawn Coates-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets started off hot, but cooled off after the first period and it ended badly. Mark Stuart scored, but Dustin Byfuglien was taking a nap on Cam Ward. Evander Kane dodged another bad luck injury but Bogosian was not able to, as he left the game early. The effort was not there for a must win game and now the party is almost over…again.

Ten Thoughts

1. Why are you booing Ron Hainsey? Hainsey was a good player for the Jets who did what he was supposed to; not get run over in the shot count, fill in wherever and in general be a good defensive defence man. Yes, he was a staunch union man, but he is allowed to be. Hainsey did a good job and would look fine on the blue line this year.

2. Eric O'Dell has looked like he may be a player. Even if he tops out as a skilled third liner, that would be some good depth for the Jets to have. It would also hopefully eliminate Chris Thorburn in the top six forever and always.

3. I wish I knew how to make GIFs because I would make one of Paul Maurice's reaction to the second Too Much Man penalty taken by the most talented half-asser (credit to whoever tweeted that a few games ago). The annoyed reaction was the same that all fans had.

4. CBC noted that Paul Maurice really like Olli Jokinen and that the Jets like him. Garret notes that Olli is shooting almost double his shooting percentage from the past four years. Run to Burmistrov Jets, run to Burmi, RUN!!!!

5. Cam Ward stole the first for the Hurricanes and that was the game. Instead of being up by 2 or 3, they were tied.

6. Michael Frolik is good at hockey. He may not be the most talented player, but he does a lot of little things right and is getting deserved praise for it.

7. When a defender goes down I wonder why Byfuglien is not moved back for the balance of the game. 11 forwards is better than 5 defence men.

8. The Hurricanes did not look like they were on the second half of a back to back. They walked all over the Jets from the second period on.

9. Al Montoya does not seem like a starting goalie. They Jets should have given Michael Hutchinson at least once to give Monty a breather.

10. 0.6% at making the playoffs after tonight. It's not happening kids.

Bonus Thought: Player Evaluation. Chevy constantly says he is evaluation but yet I don't believe him. I am almost done my teaching practicum and I have taught two science units. As I teach, I do constant summative evaluations meaning I take in daily work to ensure the students are learning what they should. If they are not, I address it immediately. It has been three years and the Jets still have the same problems. This morning there was a conversation about the Edmonton Oilers and Steve Tambellini. The point was made that if Tambellini was still the Oilers GM, they would be in serious mess in net. Though Craig MacTavish has made some bad moves as a GM, he has solved the Oilers goaltending problems for the time being. There was no hesitation to flip players until he found something that worked. This finger twiddling is not evaluation, it is fear of making a mistake. Are you really going to be destroyed if you trade a player who you are not planning on retaining as a UFA? He is not evaluating, he is refusing to see where the problems are. The Jets are a flawed team, but they can compete with goaltending and better depth. Chevy it is time you acted on your evaluation, you should know your team by now.

To further that thought, the Jets rarely play young players to evaluate them until they are forced to. Why not give Hutchinson a start or play Eric O'Dell with skilled players earlier. The evaluation period has been focused on the NHLers and not on finding out if any of the prospects are NHL calibre.There is something to be said for patience, but this is ridiculous. The Jets have been who they are from day one. Moving cities has not changed them, changing coaches has not done much either. They have bad goaltending and depth. This is not acceptable and needs to change. Chevy is the one with the power to do that; this summer he must do that.