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Recap Game 69: Jets Blast Stars Out of This World

The Winnipeg Jets needed a win to keep their slim playoff hopes alive and they came through against the Dallas Stars.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Full disclosure, I did schoolwork during this game and barely saw any of it. From what I understand though Dustin Byfuglien had another nice offensive game, all the nice things I said about Evander Kane paid off, and Tobias Enstrom is still the Prince of Defence (fun fact; I went to school where one of the phys. ed. teachers was Ms. Enstrom). The end of the game was a little chippy as Jamie Benn decided to act like a bad captain and Antoine Roussel decided to act like himself.

Ten Thoughts:

1. Zach Bogosian had enough of Ryan Garbutt acting like a butt and decided to put him on his butt. I'll stop with the butt comments now.

2. Toby Enstrom needs to be talked about more. He has had some struggles this year with penalties, but he is so good and has even started to shoot the puck a bit more. I like Toby.

3. Blake Wheeler isn't scoring goals but he's getting assists, so that's good. Goal scoring runs hot and cold, but he is still finding ways to contribute.

4. Bryan Little joins Enstrom in the "not talked about enough club". I think he should be the MVP this year. Shut down centre who also scores, making him the best type of player; a good one.

5. According to Arby the Jets have a 1.8% chance of making the playoffs, but they have a chance!

6. We should all thank Second City Hockey for Michael Frolik. Taters is awesome and the Jets got him for very little.

7. Al Montoya let in a bad goal, but ended the game strong. On the second half of a back to back does Paul Maurice throw Michael Hutchinson to the wolves against the top team in the league in St. Louis or does he go back to Monty and hope for the best.

8. Eric O'Dell should play with skilled players more often.

9. Dustin Byfuglien is injured (sad trombone) and the Jets are thin up front. Is this where we get to see J.C. Lipon or Adam Lowry get a shot? I vote for Lipon, but I hope that the Jets start getting healthy soon so St. John's has some bodies back for the playoffs. *Update: the intrepid and awesome Patrick Williams says that Maurice does not seem to think that Byfuglien's injury is significant. This is good news.

10. The Jets have had a great string of possession games where they have not won. Tonight they dominated both possession and the score board. Luck is back, at least for the night.

Bonus Thoughts!!!

My parents and my grandpa were talking about Ondrej Pavelec and my grandpa accurately said that though Pavelec is the more athletic goalie of him and Montoya, he is out of position and therefore is not the better goalie. My grandpa is 80, if he can see it then there has to be hope the TNSE, Cheveldayoff, and TSNJets can too.

Also in the Jets 69th game, Tyler Seguin got his 69th point. I am immature like that.