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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014: Canada defeats United States for gold medal in women's hockey

Women's Hockey at the Olympics has been competitive for the first time in ever. Due to the format change, most games were much closer, but the final was the usual suspects meeting for all the marbles.

Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

My stream of conscious thoughts, I am weird so enjoy.


-Canadian athletes acting as fans before the game and dancing

-Did Nike put three maple leafs on the women's jerseys to represent the three golds they have won?

-Sochi volunteer with a Canadian flag. Awesome

-British referee and two Czech linehumans

First Period

-Wickenheiser is getting targeted by everything, including the puck

-Women have to be strong positionally because of the lack of hitting

-The American team has many French names on their roster

-Watchorn just threw a check that would have been great in men's hockey, penalty in women's

-Szabados makes a great glove save (sings "making glove out of nothing at all")

-Seriously, Sazbados is playing excellent

-Mark Lee has called a great game. Way better than his NHL games

-Wickenheiser and Agosta have chemistry

-For a game with a no hitting rule, there is a lot of it *Cassie Campbell agrees ;)*

-Szabados is like Carey Price, so calm, composed, and controlled

-Canada is 3/15 on the power play in this tournament. Insanity

-First mention of Amanda Kessel being Phil Kessl's sister

- Laroque is a rock from Manitoba

-America is fast and blocks a lot of shots

-Canada is inaccurate with their passing

-How was that hit a penalty when the hit by Monique Lameroux on Laroque not a penalty?

-It's "Try to Hurt Wickenheiser Day"

-Szabados glove for flag bearer?

Second Period

-Mikkelson has a broken hand if you didn't know that already

-Jennifer Botterill is really good at her job

-Canada has picked up their play in the second

-Canada is getting some great chances but their power play seems off

-This game is excellent, Canada has taken away the Americans speed

-Great shot through traffic by Meghan Duggan beats Szabados 1-0 USA

-Too many players sounds better than too many men for the women's game. Also gender neutral

-Canada's power play is really struggling

-Love that Watchorn is still playing with her penalty problems. Also her last name is awesome

-Excellent back check by Canada on Jocelyn Lameroux shorthanded

-Great dancing in the crowd

-Fortino has played well

-Can we not mention the men's hockey right now Lee? Gold medals don't need men

-Ref warned the Americans that next time they go after the goalie after a save it is a penalty

Third Period

-Szabados playing the puck and the US dumping the puck in has helped nullify the American speed game

-Weak side was uncovered by the penalty killers. Terrible awareness there

-Carpenter never scored a gold in Brodeur when she was a kid. Szabados should have channeled her inner Marty there 2-0 USA

-Botterill with some good tactical points. Loving her between the benches

-America is really laying it all on the line for the gold medal. Haven't won since 1998

-It is the American Interstate signs playing Petro-Canada

-US playing perfectly for the win

-All hail The Szabados

-The Kessel-Decker-Coyne line is impressive

-Pretty good crowd in Russia. I know there are many athletes there but still

-This game has been even in shots but it sure doesn't feel like it

-I like how there is no puck over the glass penalty in women's hockey

-US is playing fantastic right now

-Jenner with an excellent knuckle puck to score 2-1 USA

-Cassie Campbell on who the puck went in off of "doesn't matter, Canada scored"

-Mark Lee is letting his voice react to the flow of the game. Again he sounds good here

-Some butt checking by the official gave the Americans the puck but Canada paid off the goalpost

-Canada going five forwards and one defence man here. Risky and I love it


-Remember in Vancouver we were told to watch for Poulin as she was the next star of Team Canada

-She had a high ankle sprain in September. Tough injury and only came back in December


-Canada just hanging on right now

-Coyne is fun to watch

-Crowd is roaring for Canada

-Love how much the D activates

-Decker is also fun to watch

-Are you not entertained?

-Time for a penalty kill

-There was the poke that the ref warned the US about earlier

-3 on 3 party now

-Holy man, from a near US chance to a Wickenheiser breakaway that leads to a power play for Canada

-Canada is constantly using one defenceman

-Game has got to end here


-She will always score for gold. Two gold medal games, four golds!

Medals and Whatnot

What an awesome game for hockey. Hayley Wickenheiser was the first hockey player I knew the name of; if this is the end for her, what an end. Her son was on the bench for the medal ceremonies because of course he was, he has been there since he was two. Jayna Hefford needs to get more credit, she is a fantastic player in her own right. Kevin Dineen and his credit card deserve credit as well. Well done ladies!

The faces of the Swiss girls when they got their medals were awesome, the American faces were sad. Hopefully they learn to love their silvers. Really hope more countries learn to love women's hockey as it is fantastic. Hopefully we get a pro league in Canada and the US, affiliated with NHL teams maybe to make it more viable.

On a personal note I will be away for a few days as I try to turn into a goalpost so Go Canada Go!