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Winter Olympics Sochi 2014: Men's Hockey playoff bracket

Here's a look at how the Relegation Rounds of the tournament are going to shape out.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

With the Preliminary Round coming to a close with a defensive display between Canada and Finland, we are now set for the Relegation Rounds of the tournament set to begin on Tuesday this week.

Below is a tableau which will serve to show readers what the playoff format seeding will look like.

Qualification Round Quarterfinals Semifinals Medal Rounds
Tuesday, February 18 Wednesday, February 19 Friday, February 21 Weekend, February 22 & 23
Slovenia 4 Sweden 5
Austria 0 Slovenia 0
Gold Medal Game
Russia 4 Finland 3 Sweden 2 Sweden 0
Norway 0 Russia 1 Finland 1 Canada 3
Czech Rep. 5 USA 5 USA 0 Bronze Medal Game
Slovakia 3 Czech Rep. 2 Canada 0 USA 0
Finland 5
Switzerland 1 Canada 2
Latvia 3 Latvia 1

Just so we're clear, Olympic hockey is the best hockey. We have narrowed the field from twelve all the way down to the final two who will play for gold Sunday at the Bolshoy Ice Dome. Here's a look at how the Semifinals concluded:

Canada proved just how dominant they were at the 2014 Olympics making short work of Sweden on their way to claiming back-to-back gold medals.

If this is in fact the curtain call for NHL players on the Olympic stage, this Canadian team surely sent us out with a bang.

Congrats to the boys on brining it home.