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Sochi Winter Olympics 2014 - Day 7 coverage

Here's a look at what's on tap for Day 7 of the 2014 Sochi Olympics.

Trevor Hagan

For the first time in these Olympic Games, Canada went a full day without collecting a medal. But on the plus side, the Men's Hockey team began their title defence with a 3-1 win over Norway.

Manitoban curler Jennifer Jones extended her undefeated record to 5-0 with an 8-5 win over the Suisse and Patrick Chan currently sits comfortably in second position in the men's figure skating after a strong performance in the Short Program.

Steve Armitage has continued his all-star play-by-play in the Speed Skating and Long Track events which have been a treat to watch.

We will continue to bring nightly GDT's through the duration of the Olympics, including special GDT's which will run for Canada's men's and women's hockey games.

Here's a list of events that are on tap today:

Sport Time Event
Alpine Skiing 12:00AM Men's Super Combined - Downhill

5:30AM Men's Super Combined - Slalom
Biathlon 8:00AM Women's Individual
Cross-Country 4:00AM Men's Classic
Curling 4:00AM KOR vs. CHN - Women's Qualification
4:00AM GBR vs. JPN - Women's Qualification
4:00AM USA vs. DEN - Women's Qualification
4:00AM RUS vs. SUI - Women's Qualification
9:00AM GBR vs. DEN - Men's Qualification

9:00AM RUS vs. USA - Men's Qualification

9:00AM CHN vs. NOR - Men's Qualification

9:00AM SUI vs. GER - Men's Qualification

11:00AM CAN vs. JPN - Women's Qualification

11:00AM CHN vs. SWE - Women's Qualification
11:00AM GBR vs. KOR - Women's Qualification
Figure Skating 9:00AM Men - Free Skating
Freestyle Skiing 7:45AM Ladies' Aerials - Qualification

11:30AM Ladies' Aerials - Final
Ice Hockey 2:00AM CZE vs. LAT - Men's Group C

6:30AM SWE vs. SUI - Men's Group C

11:00AM CAN vs. AUT - Men's Group B

11:00AM NOR vs. FIN - Men's Group B
Skeleton 6:30AM Men

9:40AM Women
Ski Jumping 11:30AM Men's Large Hill Individual - Qualification

Click HERE for your updated medal count.