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FlightZone: Evander Kane Suspended

Evander Kane sits, Anders Lee gets a hearing, and Jonathan Bernier does not know who Nelson Mandela is.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Video of the Day

ConferenceIII News

Evander Kane has been suspended two games. (Arctic Ice Hockey)

Clayton Stoner deserved a double minor for his retaliation on Evander Kane. (

Martin Brodeur has returned and other league schadenfreude. (Grantland)

NHL News

Thomas Drance on working as a sports writer. (The Martlet)

Be honest, the only reason to read these power rankings are for the jokes. (TheScore)

It took the Department of Player Safety 48 hours to call a hearing for Anders Lee, which raises some questions. (Yahoo)

Jonathan Bernier did not weigh in on politics, instead he came across as ignorant and stupid. (Yahoo)

Paul MacLean got fired because of poor systems play. (TheScore)

Starting slow and then winning is a good way to keep your job. (TheScore)

Some international players to watch for at the World Junior Championships. (The Hockey News)

Expansion is on the table. (

Could the NHL actually work in Las Vegas? (ESPN)

Could Corsi save percentage be better than 5v5 save percentage? (Puckology)

Does anyone ever know what is going on with the Arizona Coyotes? (Sporting News)