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Jets lose to the Wild *insert unnecessary meltdown here*

Climb off the Drama Llama and compose yourself. You are creating a scene.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Jets lost tonight against the Minnesota Wild with a final score of 3-2. That is okay. Repeat after me: THAT. IS. OKAY.

The first period was boring and dull. Not much happened, except I almost fell asleep twice. It wasn't a bad period, it was just pretty snoozeworthy. The first goal of the night towards the end of the first came from Actual Disney Prince Michael Frolik and that seemed to wake both teams up a little bit.

The second period was quicker paced. The Jets kicked off scoring in the period with a nice goal by your favorite free agent signing and mine, Mathieu Perreault. From there it all went downhill as the Wild scored three unanswered goals over the course of the rest of the period and I finished the last of the wine we have in the house. It was not a pretty scene.

The third? I don't want to talk about it.

....Wait? This is a recap and I have to talk about it?

Okay. It was a period of hockey in a game. It was one in which there were some flaws. The biggest flaw was that there is a need for more than two lines functioning with the Jets.

That all being said however, it's only one loss and I'm okay with that. I can't fake much outrage over this game given that they were without Kane and Thorburn was put into places Thorburns shouldn't go and whatever. Crap happens.

Ten Thoughts

1) Are we witnessing the beginning of a goalie controversy in Winnipeg? With Hutchinson getting the last three starts, it appears that at least for the time being, the goalie rotation experiment is over. Unless it's been altered into some strange version of rotation that Paul Maurice won't talk about. All I'm sad about is that there's not a lot of social media involved so we won't get any Luongo style tweets from Ondrej Pavelec and Michael Hutchinson.

2) Earlier it was reported on twitter that Paul Maurice believes that Chris Thorburn is "a variation of Evander Kane." This made me feel very sad until I realized that perhaps he meant that Chris Thorburn is the ugly, bad skater, horrible defense version of Kane. Then I felt better. That has to be the explanation, right?

3) Mark Scheifele was pretty fired up tonight and managed to only fall over a handful of times. One of the times he was clever enough to turn into a giant hit on some Wild player whose name escapes me right now.

All I know is that immediately after the hit, Stu Bickel thought he was going to fight Scheifele about it but Anthony Peluso stepped in and told him some things and probably insinuated that he probably shouldn't try to hurt Scheifele. Which is a good thing for two reasons: 1) Scheifele getting some strange Bickel induced injury would kill what's left of my soul and 2) Stu Bickel's face game is at level beautiful and it's sad when that gets all messed up because of face punching.

4) Apparently Chiarot thought it would be nice to share his head with Jason Pominville. Naughty, naughty, Chiarot.

He got away with it as well, which is all fine and dandy but that's honestly unnecessary, Mr. Chiarot.

5) Speaking of things that didn't get called (like that segue? Yeah, it's brilliant) in the waning minutes of the third period Mathieu Perreault took a lovely two handed slash to the back of the knees by one Ryan Suter. I have no things to say on this. Zero.

Except that that is also not necessary, Mr. Suter. If you had injured him I would have cried a lot and then started planning my revenge.

6) Zach Parise makes some of THE BEST angry faces. Almost as good as Barret Jackman, but not quite. Next time the Jets play the Wild, watch him. Watch his face when things don't go his way. Laugh. Laugh a lot.

7) I miss Jacob Trouba. Little Jakey Jakey Troubs Troubs. :(

8) One question that's been on my mind since the beginning of the game: Is this a rivalry? Because last game everyone on twitter was all "WOO! JETS HAVE A RIVAL! THIS IS WHAT A RIVALRY LOOKS LIKE! WOO!" If it is a rivalry, it is one of the most overblown, dull rivalries I've ever seen. Bleh.

9) Off topic but a Jets thought nonetheless: I want the Jets to claim Magnus Pääjärvi. Look at all those glorious umlauts people! Look at them! Also, you can have him for nothing. I'll admit that his seasons as of late haven't been stellar, but I just want him, okay?

10) It's too early to be climbing onto the drama llama and riding it off into the sunset while screaming about how you hate Evander Kane and Michael Hutchinson should be traded and Paul Maurice is a hack. Back away from the llama, people. Calm down.