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RUMOUR MILL: Are Alex Burmistrov and Peter Budaj in Winnipeg? If so, why?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The internet is a wonderful place full of good and bad information. Well, I have some information about the Winnipeg Jets that may be good or may be bad. At this point it is unsubstantiated and should be looked at as nothing more than a rumor.

RUMOUR: Alexander Burmistrov and Peter Budaj are in Winnipeg

Well are they? I can't say for certain, but that is the word that has the streets buzzing.

So while we wait for confirmation or denial of this rumor we can surely ponder the hypothetical why.

Why would they be in town?

Budaj? Budaj could be in town for any number of reasons. Perhaps Ondrej Pavelec is hurt. Perhaps Michael Hutchinson is hurt. Perhaps there is a trade in the works. It could be anything.

Burmi? I suppose a trade would also be an option, but why would he have to come here? I have to imagine contracted player would be worth more in a trade than a UFA living in Russia. As for the contract, even if Burmi was here and here to sign, I am not sure if he would be eligible to play in the NHL this season. I might be wrong about that, but the CBA says:

11.4 Signing Deadline for Group 2 Free Agent. An SPC for a Group 2 Free Agent will be rejected and will be null and void ab initio (i.e., the Player's Free Agency and contractual status shall revert to the status he held prior to signing his SPC), if it is not signed and filed with Central Registry by 5:00 p.m. New York time on December 1 in the then current NHL Season.

To the best of my knowledge, Burmistrov remains under contract with his KHL team. With the Ruble in shambles, a buyout could be a possibility, but this has not been reported. It is also possible that he could sign now, play out his KHL deal and join an NHL team next year. I think. Regardless, it doesn't look like he can jump right into the lineup.

...or perhaps the Jets just needed an extra couple bodies for tonight's skills competition.

It is also possible that neither player is in town and there is nothing to this rumour.

Do you think something could be happening behind the scenes in Winnipeg Jets land? Or is this just white noise?

UPDATE: Gary Lawless says "No.":