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FlightZone: Slava Voynov Goes to Trial

Slava Voynov is going to trial, Dallas Eakins is fired, and Dreger tries to stir up shit again.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

What makes a trade a NHL player for NHL player trade? (Arctic Ice Hockey)

The Winnipeg Jets are doing things the right way and moving up the rankings. (TheScore)

Slava Voynov's domestic violence case will go to trial for good reason. (Bleacher Report)

The legal consequences of Voynov's actions are clearer now. (

A few more details emerged, including evidence of prior abuse. (Sporting News)

The Edmonton Oilers fired Dallas Eakins. (Yahoo)

Darren Dreger has stopped trying to trade Nazem Kadri long enough to try and trade Taylor Hall. (Sporting News)

Before showing symptoms of mumps, Beau Bennet visited the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. (Sporting News)

The Ottawa Senators are really considering building a new arena.Their current one is scheduled to graduate from high school this year. (Ottawa Citizen)

Mumps in the NHL and the Connor McDavid race, amongst other things. (Grantland)

Dumping the puck into the offensive zone can hold defensive value. (Boucher Scouting)