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Official NHL Player for Player Trade Guidelines

After some pre-season debate of what constitutes a player for player trade, I have decided to write the official guidelines for what constitutes a player for player trade.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Rules and Guidelines for Defining a Player for Player Trade:

1. Two players are exchanged.

2. They are both currently on NHL rosters.

3. Neither player is on a NHL call-up; they are both permanent roster members.


1. Player is being traded for a player to be bought out.

2. Player is traded for a player who is immediately assigned to the AHL/league other than the NHL.

3. Player is a throw in for the "real" centrepiece of a draft pick or a high end prospect.

4. One player never does suit up for a game because of injury or buyout reasons.

5. One or both players are in the AHL on a conditioning stint.

Player for Player Trades do not Include:

1. Trading a player for a high end prospect.

2. Trading a RFA who is not currently on the team for a player.

As you can see, a player for player trade is pretty straight forward. Two NHL players move teams and play for their new teams. Once both players play one game in the NHL for their new teams, the trade is a player for player trade as long as the trade are on their respective NHL rosters at the time of the trade.

A recent example of this type of trade is Jeremy Morin of the Chicago Blackhawks to the Columbus Blue Jackets for Tim Erixon. A trade that is not a NHL player for player is Rene Bourque, formerly of the Montreal Canadiens for Bryan Allen, formerly of the Anaheim Ducks because Bourque was in the AHL at the time.

Based on these guidelines, it is clear that the Winnipeg Jets and Kevin Cheveldayoff has not made a player for player trade yet. But it will come, eventually - maybe even this year.

Do you think we will see thing kind of deal as the trade deadline approaches? Or when the defense heals up?