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FlightZone: Josh Morrissey Traded

Josh Morrissey is traded, Mark Chipman traded, and the Colorado Avalanche are not planning on making any trades.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Video of the Day

ConferenceIII News

Mark Chipman said words. (Winnipeg Free Press)

Why Michael Hutchinson should be the starting goalie for the Winnipeg Jets. (Winnipeg Sun)

And why Ondrej Pavelec deserves more time. (Winnipeg Sun)

Should Paul Maurice get consideration for the Jack Adams? (TheScore)

Josh Morrissey has been traded to the Kelowna Rockets. (Yahoo)

The Colorado Avalanche are fine with the things that they do to get a 43% Corsi. (ESPN)

The Dallas Stars are in deep defensive kaka. (

The St. Louis Blues are a good team that can still improve. (

NHL News

"Jean, the Rocket is sitting at the head table of our national legends," Savard said in his eulogy, "and he's inviting you to pull up a chair and sit next to him." (

Some teams are in bad shape with the salary cap next year, some teams are in good shape. (Grantland)

The Carolina Hurricanes have really rough attendance numbers and their owner is looking to add more partners. (Yahoo)

Simon Gagne is away from the Boston Bruins indefinitely as his father has terminal cancer. (TheScore)

Why there is a mumps outbreak in the NHL. (Macleans)

BTW, Bryan Allen may have mumps, but the Montreal Canadiens are unsure. He has been isolated from the team and the Habs have all gotten their booster shots. Allen was traded by the Anaheim Ducks earlier this month.

Be cautious about Las Vegas, NHL. (National Post)