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JetStream Podcast: Episode 48

Do we really need to talk about this....again?

Jonathan Daniel

On this week's episode of the JetStream Podcast, the guys really do try their best to not talk about the same thing everyone has been talking about all season. So give them that.

But they failed.

This week things start off with a talk about the reactions to Ondrej Pavelec thus far in the season, and if he is worthy of an 'MVP' title to this point. The group continues on to talk about the diminishing returns that is the defensive group through the years, and the potential effects of Evander Kane returning to the lineup.

All that, plus the Hockey Gods hate the Columbus Blue Jackets, Johnny Gaudreau gots himself some dangles, and Michael Del Zotto is a giant creeper.

To listen to this week's episode of JetStream:

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