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FlightZone: Jets Avoided a Sabre Attack

Two legendary coaches die, how Little's quick goal happened, and 30 Thoughts.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Video of the Day

ConferenceIII News

How Bryan Little scored a goal 9 seconds into the game against the Columbus Blue Jackets. (TheScore)

NHL News

On the death of two coaching legends: Pat Quinn and Viktor Tikonov. (Sportsnet)

A little bit more on Tikonov. (Yahoo)

30 Thoughts. (Sportsnet)

Martin St. Louis was booed on Tampa Bay yesterday. That is understandable. (Yahoo)

A look at all 30 teams after 20 games. (

20 games in, it is time for some awards. (Grantland)

Analytics all-stars. (

Hockey Canada's scouting staff for the World Junior Championships is ready. (Yahoo)

Hockey Canada is not really expecting help from NHL teams at Christmas. (

The team can help create the goalie we see. (Sportsnet)

Should counting stats be adjusted based on the schedule? (Hockey-Graphs)

Some Pat Quinn stories are great. (National Post)

The potential payoff for bringing over players from the KHL is alluring enough. (Bleacher Report)