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Instant Recap: Detroit Red Wings come back, beat Winnipeg Jets 4-3

After being the better team and leading after two periods, the Winnipeg Jets dropped tonights contest to the Detroit Red Wings in regulation.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets played a near perfect opening two periods before score-effects took hold and the Detroit Red Wings came back after being down for a goal. The Jets had a strong forecheck and were able to draw penalties early. Evander Kane looked very strong, as did the Lowry-Scheifele-Frolik line. The Little line was held their own against the Zetterberg line. The Jets matchup game was made easier with absence of Pavel Datsyuk with a groin injury.

Sadly, games are three periods long and the Jets were completely outclassed in every facet in the third, leading to Detroit scoring two goals in under two minutes. This is partialy to do with score effects and partially to do with the fact the Jets are still playing (an improved) Pavelec in goal. Nobody said it'd be easy.

Ten Thoughts

1. As much as Pavel Datsyuk makes beating the Detroit Red Wings harder, I really like watching his subtle style and wish he was playing tonight. Alas, Henrik Zetterberg will have to satisfy my kingdom for pretty goals. Actually, anyone who wants to score a pretty goal can fill that gap.

2. The pace of this game is fun and the Jets are in the Wings end a lot it seems. Lack of whistles makes the game move fast and the lack of whistles does not mean that the refs are letting a lot go. Just good, solid hockey. And as I type this, a whistle goes (saved shot).

3. Since when did TSN show shot attempts? Only half paying attention (lesson plans are hard), but that grabbed me for a second. I think they showed Fenwick as shot attempts and then added blocks on top of that.

4. Dustin Byfuglien scored a goal on a nifty pass from Evander Kane. Problem is, I thought Kane doesn't pass so someone else is clearly wearing his number tonight. That goal seems to have inspired the Jets to make an offensive push.

5. Petr Mrazec is an interesting fellow to watch in net. Not the most technically stable goalie it seems and has a super aggressive style, but the guy can goal.

6. Just as I say that Adam Lowry tips one into the goal cam to score his second of the year. Not the prettiest goal, but the Jets will take anything goal the get. Aaaand as I type that, Tomas Tatar snipes one off of a bad Tobias Enstrom turnover to open the scoring for Detroit. Don't do that thing you just did, Tobias.

7. My dad is questioning Mark Stuart's decision making on that Johan Franzen goal. For some reason, Stu decided that the best way to defend a big forward is on his knees defending air. It also looks like Stuart is praying to his new Swedish god. Link to GIF

8. Beyak mentions that Ondrej Pavelec has been hit in the head twice this period, once with a puck and once with a stick. I wonder what the quiet room exists for the goalies.

9. After some relentless pressure, the Wings break through for a third goal curtesy of Justin Abdelkader. This game is featuring some serious score effects, folks. And they score again, Abdelkader is doing things.

10. Jacob Trouba with some bad defence on the Adelkader there and Mark Stuart was terrible as well. Why are they still a pair? Why is this happening? When will this change? Will it change? Why did I watch this game? I have only recapped one win this year. Sorry folks

Tight Turns count: 3