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FlightZone: Playoff Spot in Sight for Jets

Mathieu Perreault is unlucky, the Jets are mediocore, and Pat Burns is a Hall of Famer.

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Video of the Day

ConferenceIII News

Josh Harding has been waived by the Minnesota Wild. (Minnesota Star-Tribune)

The Winnipeg Jets are currently mediocre (and almost in a playoff spot)! (Grantland)

Mathieu Perreault is an honourable mention for unluckiest player in the league. (Globe and Mail)

NHL News

The snarkiest power rankings you will read this week. (TheScore)

Pat Burns and the legacy he left behind. (Yahoo)

Bob McKenzie on Pat Burns finally being inducted into the HHOF. (

Bruce Arthur on what Phil Kessel's job is. (Toronto Star)

Martin Brodeur is still waiting for a team to sign him. (National Post)

The World Cup of Hockey is returning with a new format. (Sportsnet)

Gary Bettman says no to expansion and relocation, so give it a year. (National Post)

Garret looks at how scouting can apply analytics for better results. (Hockey-Graphs)

Dominik Hasek, goalie legend. (Yahoo)