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FlightZone: I Lost the Links

I clicked the wrong button when searching for the picture, the links are limited. Share your own favourite reads in the comments.

Joel Auerbach

Video of the Day

NHL News

Sergei Bobrovsky talks are not yet happening in Columbus. (TheScore)

The potential owners for the not yet confirmed Las Vegas team are terrible at best. (The Sporting News)

In the fighting debate, there is already a winner. (National Post)

I had something ready to go. I was trying to find the perfect picture. I clicked a button and it all went away. I did not have the energy to begin to search for all the missing links, so I present to you three things you should read because I am two lazy to search. I am also requesting that those of you with Twitter share interesting stories with me because I am in teaching practicum starting Wednesday and will be without Twitter most of the day. Read something interesting? Send it to me (@HappyCaraT) or to Arctic Ice Hockey (@arcticicehockey) and I will probably include it,