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FlightZone: #NHLJets Grounded

Jets lose, Dallas is having a bad stretch and the only power rankings you need.

Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

ConferenceIII News

If the Winnipeg Jets were a restaurant, they would be...Hooters? (PensBlog)

What's up with the Dallas Stars anyways? (Bleacher Report)

NHL News

The day the Montreal Canadiens and their faithful feted Boston Bruins players. (Sportsnet)

The only power rankings you need this week. (TheScore)

How Defending the Blueline has helped military families. (ESPN)

High event teams and corsi/fenwick percentage. (Yahoo)

Adjusted even strength save percentage. (

Garret wrote something with a bunch of graphs on goalies. (Hockey-Graphs)

Should Daniel Alfredsson go into the Hockey Hall of Fame? (Grantland)

The NHL is starting to seriously poke around Las Vegas. (Minnesota Star-Tribune)

The Buffalo Sabres had a clutch loss over the weekend. (Grantland)

Your weekly Connor McDavid rankings. (SBNation)

Mike Babcock wants to change the wingers' role on D, yo! (TheScore)

Bob McKenzie on how we evaluate success in Canadian hockey. (

Sidney Crosby is great at hockey. Deal with it. (Yahoo)