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Winnipeg Jets Pre-Season FancyStats

The pre-season is over. How did the players perform?

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Caution must always apply when evaluating from pre-season. Samples fall short in significance. Competition ranges from junior players to top line NHL players. Systems are being introduced. Linemates change daily.

Regardless, optimism resides in the numbers. The Jets finished the pre-season out attempting their opposition 248 to 218 for 5-on-5 situations. This approximates the Jets as possessing the puck 53.2% of the time and out chancing their opponents.

Some of the Jets performed well, while others struggled.


# Name Corsi For Corsi Against Corsi%
43 Will O`Neill 12 7 63.2%
71 Julian Melchiori 13 8 61.9%
36 Josh Morrissey 44 42 51.2%
59 Brenden Kichton 9 9 50.0%
7 Keaton Ellerby 55 62 47.0%
63 Ben Chiarot 26 36 41.9%
O`Neill and Melchiori posted strong numbers and Kichton came out even, although without any real sample.

Morrissey performed well, but ultimately failed to pass Grant Clitsome and Adam Pardy on the depth charts to make the team. Only nineteen years of age, Jets fans have good reason to get excited for the young defensemen making the team next season.

There was a lot of talk about Chiarot making noise in camp. Chiarot was given ample opportunity but posted the worst Corsi% of all the Jets defenders. Ellerby also struggled, sending him to St. John's.

The survivors
# Name Corsi For Corsi Against Corsi%
4 Paul Postma 17 9 65.4%
5 Mark Stuart 37 23 61.7%
8 Jacob Trouba 55 40 57.9%
2 Adam Pardy 77 57 57.5%
24 Grant Clitsome 80 64 55.6%
39 Tobias Enstrom 37 33 52.9%
44 Zach Bogosian 47 49 49.0%

Postma only suited up for a single game, but performed exceptionally in it. While he struggled when paired with Enstrom last season, the two were the top pair with a nearly full Jet roster dressed. Likewise, the Stuart-Trouba pair struggled with possession last season but had a strong pre-season.

Pardy beat Ellerby while repeating last seasons dominance in soft, sheltered minutes. Meanwhile, Clitsome washed away concerns over his back injury last year. Clitsome performed admirably playing both top pair minutes and bottom pair. He also showed flexibility playing both left and right side.

Enstrom and Bogosian will likely play as the Jets top pair. They struggled both in the numbers and criticism of Bogosian ran rampantly throughout social media. Maurice will lean heavily on the two and they will need to perform better, although some of the results come from usage.


# Name Corsi For Corsi Against Corsi%
27 Eric Tangradi 20 14 58.8%
28 Patrice Cormier 11 8 57.9%
72 Scott Kosmachuk 10 9 52.6%
38 Nic Petan 53 51 51.0%
42 Nikolaj Ehlers 51 53 49.0%
46 JC Lipon 12 13 48.0%
48 Carl Klingberg 18 23 43.9%
70 John Albert 13 27 32.5%

The forwards list features a lot of players who were not given much playing time. Tangradi performed well in the short sample, but was ultimately cut and then traded. Kosmachuk was above 50%, while Lipon, Klingberg, and Albert were far below, but none with enough time to give confidence in predictions.

Petan and Ehlers were given lots of time. Petan displayed strong two-way play and posted solid numbers, despite playing with some middling linemates. There is an argument that usage may have affected performance and ultimately the decision of Lowry over Petan. Ehlers numbers showed his inexperience, but consistently flashed offensive flair that highlight his extremely high ceiling.

Early in camp Cormier received and injury and technically has yet to be cut, but he would have to beat one of Peluso, Halischuk, or Galiardi for a spot.

The Survivors
# Name Corsi For Corsi Against Corsi%
67 Michael Frolik 60 29 67.4%
19 Jim Slater 30 17 63.8%
18 Bryan Little 33 19 63.5%
16 Andrew Ladd 48 30 61.5%
85 Mathieu Perreault 49 33 59.8%
56 Adam Lowry 63 45 58.3%
22 Chris Thorburn 29 24 54.7%
14 Anthony Peluso 37 32 53.6%
9 Evander Kane 55 49 52.9%
55 Mark Scheifele 63 57 52.5%
15 Matt Halischuk 44 40 52.4%
26 Blake Wheeler 51 50 50.5%
21 T.J. Galiardi 17 17 50.0%
33 Dustin Byfuglien 6 7 46.2%

Ladd, Little, and Frolik had a dominant pre season, out attempting their opponents severely. The three have long been known as players that push possession even under tough assignments.

Perreault displayed to Winnipeg what he can do. He dominated possession every game despite playing with some linemates not known as much for that type of performance (Halischuk) and a rookie (Lowry).

Slater, Thorburn, and Peluso showed that they can beat other team's depth and junior players. Whether it will translate to regular season when they are not as sheltered remains a question. Galiardi is another fourth line option, but was not given much opportunity due to an unfortunate accident during practice.

There was also the highly anticipated Kane, Scheifele, Wheeler line. In the last exhibition against Calgary, the Maurice placed the KSW line where they perform best, the offensive zone. The line posted a +10 Corsi differential in the final game, so you can guess how much of a hole they were in prior. Let`s hope the final game is more representative of their play over the long term.