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Trade!! The Jets Acquire Peter Budaj and Patrick Holland

It looks as though Michael Hutchinson's weak training camp cost him a spot in the NHL with the Winnipeg Jets acquiring another goalie.


It has happened. Kevin Cheveldayoff has traded a NHL player (Tangradi) for another NHL player.

The Winnipeg Jets have traded Eric Tangradi to the Montreal Canadiens for Peter Budaj and Patrick Holland.

Budaj is a well liked, decent back up goalie. He plays a scrambly style and has a penchant for beating the Boston Bruins. He plays poorly when he has to play too many games in a row, so it looks like we are stuck with Ondrej Pavelec as a starter.

Patrick Holland was acquired by the Habs in the Michael Cammallari trade in 2012. He has been okay in the NHL and has been called up a couple of times; not looking out of place when called upon. He can play both centre and wing.

The Winnipeg Jets have taken on a $1.4 million cap hit in Budaj, but they are no longer on the hook for Tangradi's $700 000 salary in the AHL. Holland has a two-way contract and was sent to the AHL by the Habs early in camp.