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Eric Tangradi sent down to the Ice Caps after clearing waivers

It's no surprise that Eric Tangradi has cleared waivers, the surprise is that he was immediately sent down to the Ice Caps.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

After clearing waivers, the Winnipeg Jets immediately sent Eric Tangradi down to the minors. The Jets could've kept him up for a few more days before the 23 man roster deadline. The left winger could have also stayed past the opening night deadline, and be sent down before he plays 10 games or spends 30 days on an NHL roster without requiring waivers. He did not need to be immediately sent down, but is this Paul Maurice changing the culture of the Winnipeg Jets? This is the first time in Jets 2.0 history a player on a one way contract has been buried.

What do you think of this move? Are we seeing a culture change in the Winnipeg Jets from entitlement to one of meritocracy? Did Chevy want someone to claim his guaranteed salary?