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FlightZone: Vanek in Deep Trouble?

Is Thomas Vanek about to get in trouble with the law? Maxime Talbot is ready for Halloween, and Canada explores new ways to train goalies.

Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Video of the Day

ConferenceIII News

Thomas Vanek could be in serious trouble if the implied comments from a lawyer are true. (TheScore)

Maxime Talbot dressed up as a hotdog and danced. (SBNation)

Daniel Briere is already a healthy scratch. (ProHockeyTalk)

NHL News

Interesting piece on Canada going overseas to find new ways to develop Canadian goalies. (Sportsnet)

Your weekly Connor McDavid Rankings are out this week and the Winnipeg Jets are not in them! (SBNation)

The Pittsburgh Penguins are a pretty amazing team when you look at the health problems their players have gone through. (Yahoo)

Reminder: last year the Calgary Flames traded for Ladislav Smid. Smid is not a good hockey player. (Edmonton Journal)

Eight early surprise teams in the NHL. (Grantland)

Back to back games and the idea of scheduled losses. (

There is already a solution to reducing the number of shootouts and all the NHL has to do is look at the AHL, their farm league. (SBNation)

What is it like to be a mascot? An inside look. (Star Phoenix)