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FlightZone: The Jets Haven't Changed

The Jets have been draftin' and developin' since Atlanta, the LA Kings may be suffering a dry spell, and a terrible goalie interference call.

Bruce Bennett

Video of the Day

ConferenceIII News

Patrick Roy is not worried about the Colorado Avalanche. (Denver Post)

Are the Dallas Stars good enough to win a Stanley Cup? (Rolling Stone)

On the Chicago Blackhawks, line construction and player usage. (The Committed Indian)

How NHL teams were created. (Bleacher Report)

NHL News

Alex Ovechkin gave the ceremonial face-off kid his stick and it was adorable. (Russian Machine Never Breaks)

Quite possible the worst goaltender interference call I have seen, from the Detroit Red Wings and Washington Capitals game. (TheScore)

The Los Angeles Kings are having some offensive struggles right now. (Bleacher Report)

More on how Gordie Howe is doing since suffering a stroke on Sunday. (Yahoo)

A solution to the NHL/CHL conundrum. (

The reduction of fighting in the NHL. (ESPN)

The Boston Bruins defence is really injured and Matt Bartkowski is not playing well. (Sporting News)

Why we need to pay attention to score effects when looking at analytics. (Yahoo)

The Vancouver Canucks have gone to talk with the San Antonio Spurs about being awesome. (Sportsnet)

Ted Nolan is getting really fed up with the Buffalo Sabres already. (Sporting News)

Guys, the Columbus Blue Jackets are broken. (Columbus Dispatch)

Re-examining Fenwick and playoff success. (Hockey Graphs)