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FlightZone: A Nation Heals

Canada plays tribute to two military deaths on Saturday night, Nick Foligno gets hurt, and Jets win!

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Video of the Day

ConferenceIII News

The Winnipeg Jets had a nice win yesterday, but I caution you from jumping to conclusions because the Colorado Avalanche are bad. (Winnipeg Sun)

Meet some players who could be Jets in June from Brock Otten. (OHL Prospects)

NHL News

Nick Foligno got in a bad collision last night, but he is okay according to Aaron Portzline. (Columbus Dispatch)

Ian McLaren on how Sidney Crosby is still the best in the game. (TheScore)

Garik looks at Score Adjusted Fenwick close based on last season/this season, week 2. (Hockey Graphs)

Jonathan Willis on how the New York Islanders are finally looking like a good team. (Sportsnet)

Justin Cuthbert on how Johnny Gaudreau will rise above his nickname "Johnny Hockey". (TheScore)

Justin Bourne on the amazingness of Phil Kessel's wrist shot. (TheScore)

Graphic Comments is testing out score-adjusted PDO to see if a teams PDO changes depending on the game situation they are in. (NHL Numbers)

Ottawa Tributes

Don Cherry usually has opinions that are outdated, this week he talked about taking care of Canada's veterans instead, which is a very right opinion, curtesy of Sean Fitz-Gerald. (National Post)

On that note, the National Anthems from Ottawa/Toronto/Montreal were done together on Saturday night. (HabsEOTP)