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Recap: Jets Defeat Avalanche in Overtime

Andrew Ladd scored his 100th franchise goal as the Winnipeg Jets defeated the Colorado Avalanche 2-1 in overtime this afternoon.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Quick and dirty recap for you all today! The biggest thing you need to know is that the Jets won in overtime with a flukey Bryan Little goal.

Andrew Ladd opened the scoring tonight with a nice shot past Semyon Varlamov that got the arena buzzing. The crowd deserves a star today for being super loud and super into the game. At the end of the first period, Jamie McGinn scored a power play goal for the Avalanche while Zach Bogosian served a double minor for high sticking.

The second period was quick and saw the teams exchange shots on net, but nothing went in. Honestly, the Jets looked really good today. Fast on their feet, making some smart moves with the puck and playing well as a team. They would have had a few more goals if not for Semyon Varlamov making it hard for them to find the back of the net. Matt Duchene had a few pretty moves of his own this afternoon, shutting down the Jets on a few plays and making sure they struggled to get past him.

Overtime was even faster than the previous three periods and the Jets managed to keep the pressure on the Avalanche. A scary moment happened between Blake Wheeler and Ondrej Pavelec when Wheeler sped up the ice at full speed and had no choice but to make Pavelec try to jump over him as he rocketed himself into the net. I'm glad that they both emerged no worse for wear.

The last goal was a bit of a weird one as Bryan Little tipped in an Andrew Ladd shot. The goal, coming with mere seconds left in overtime, helped the Jets get the two point they sorely need.

Ten Thoughts

1) Byfuglien spending a little bit of time literally throwing people on the ice was entertaining and showed he was engaged in the game, but is by no means a sustainable method of play. Some were calling for him to play that way as a daily style but in all honesty he can't just come out guns blazing, throwing people around every game.

2) Jacob Trouba sighting! This is not a drill, people! The plucky young defenceman was spotted making some really pretty moves out there today helping get the puck out of danger zones on the ice (insert Archer meme here). I'm glad he's been found safe and well and is appearing to learn to be effective in play despite the Stuart-sized weight attached to his ankle.

3) Hi, Zach Redmond. I love you. You are beautiful. I'm happy for the Jets that you missed that wide open net, but I'm sad for you because you're awesome and deserve nice things.

4) Pavelec made some HUGE saves this game. That is all I have to say about that really. Good game for Pavelec for sure, garnering him the third star of the game.

5) Speaking of Pavelec, Wheeler nearly taking him out in overtime was pretty scary. Luckily both players were able to make it out unscathed and even exchanged a hug and a head/fist bump before getting back into play. While I'm not the biggest Pavelec fan (am I even a Pavelec fan at all really?), I would hate to see him seriously injured by a team mate.

6) Mark Scheifele had a rough game again. Poor guy can't seem to get a goal, but once again it's not from lack of trying. Someday, kid. Someday.

7) Andrew Ladd with the Jets first goal today which was also his 100th goal with the Jets franchise. Congrats Captain Ladd! Here's to many more.

8) Among the things I've been impressed with is the play of Bryan Little. He has been quietly amazing this season so far and with little fanfare outside the Jets fanbase. His goal at nearly the end of overtime (a tip in of an Andrew Ladd shot)(see previous number) saved both the team and the fans from the dreaded shootout.

9) Zach Bogosian was a nightmare waiting to happen today. He had a couple of really ugly giveaways that just made me shake my head and wonder what he's doing out there. Luckily, they didn't turn into goals against but if he keeps giving the puck to the other team like it's a sweepstakes and they won the grand prize, eventually something will go in. At least he shaved his face, so he's got that going for him.

10) I heart Jarome Iginla. Second star in the game, first star in my heart.

Up next the Jets face off against the surging New York Islanders on Tuesday, October 28th. Will their efforts be enough to get past Johnny Boychuk and company?

What did you think of today's game? Share your thoughts in the comments!