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Gameday Preview: Winnipeg Jets Welcome the Ice Cold Avalanche into Town

Despite the coolness of the Avalanche the Jets have been cooler. The matinee matchup looks to shake one team out of their funk.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

The combined record of the disappointing Colorado Avalanche and the Winnipeg Jets is 4-9-2 early on this season. Neither team has come close to the expectations that their fan-bases have put on them and will be looking to turn it around this afternoon.

For the Jets LW Evander Kane is expected to miss his 7th straight game to injury. Depth forward Jesse Winchester is expected to miss another game for Colorado.

Some Thoughts

Winnipeg Jets

1) Take advantage of the poor Colorado depth. Colorado are weak on their 3rd/4th forward lines and 3rd defensive pairing. It is important for the Jets to take advantage of this with their own weak bottom lines and win the battle including goals from the bottom lines.

2) Slow Colorado down. It is key that the Jets slow up the Avalanche speedy talent top lines through the neutral zone to prevent chances in their own end. This is one of the fastest teams in the NHL and the Jets can't let them play at top speed.

3) Get at the net. Semyon Varlamov is one of the top netminders in the net and the Jets need to get at him. The Jets need to get into his face and force rebounds or deflections to get him off his game.

Colorado Avalanche

1) Exploit the defense. Jets defense often has trouble moving the puck out of the zone and the Avalanche need to take advantage of that. Pick off Mark Stuart and Grant Clitsome's terrible passes.

2) Shoot the puck. Jets have little to no goaltending and just getting shots on net can score goals.

3) Quick regroups. The Jets generally struggle with quick attacks and the best play an opponant can make is quick regroups.

Player to Boo Mericilessly

Maxime Talbot. Since he's a useless dirty little pest.


Avalanche 5, Jets 2