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More Beers Than Goals via the Jekyll and Hyde's Freehouse Contest

Jekyll and Hyde's wants to give you a prize.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

We are back with another prize from Jekyll and Hyde's and this time we aren't betting on a goal scorer!

Firstly, I'd like to congratulate last week's winner, Mattysesh for correctly guessing that Mark Scheifele would score off a Blake Wheeler pass. Of course, that goal didn't come easy and it didn't come in the game we'd originally set on, but the picks rolled over. Matt won last Sunday. That said, two goals in four games has forced us to change the game. Way to go Jets! (Actually, we were gonna do this anyways).

Once again, the prize will be a $50 gift certificate to the Jekyll and Hyde's Freehouse.

Given that you can buy a pitcher of Bud for 14 bucks, $50 goes a long way. Thanks again to Jekyll and Hyde's for the prize.

Important Note - We are doing things a little different this week. We aren't picking a goal scorer, instead we are looking at total shots (both teams combined).

How to win:

Create an account, go to the comment section below and tell us the total number of shots (both teams combined) that you expect to see in Friday's night's game versus the Tampa Bay Lightning. Obviously, there may be some duplicate answers so tell us how many of those shots will belong to the Winnipeg Jets as well as the final score:

1) Total shots (both teams combined)

2) Shots by the Winnipeg Jets

3) Final score

If there is repetition beyond that, we will default to the first person with said answer. It is also important to note that number 2 and 3 are just tie breakers. If nobody gets all three correct, the first person to guess numbers 1 and 2 wins. If nobody guesses number 2 or 3 correctly, the first person to guess number 1 is the winner. If nobody gets number 1 correct, the winner will be the person who is closest, without going over (like on the Price Is Right). In this scenario there should be no carry over.

If you submit your guess and realize it is a duplicate, you are allowed to submit another guess. That is the only scenario in which you are allowed to submit a second guess.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it is!

Thanks again to the Jekyll and Hyde's Freehouse for making these contests possible.

Go Jets Go!

You can read the official Contest Rules 3 here.