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FlightZone: Jets Can't Win on Thanksgiving Weekend

The Jets lose two, the Penguins have a fancy new system, and fighters are in decline.

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Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Sportsnets first opening for Hockey Night in Canada

ConferenceIII News:

A little bit more on the injury that will keep Evander Kane out 2+ weeks.

Mark Stuart has now played 500 NHL games.

Jonas Brodin has been signed to a six year extension by the Minnesota Wild.

Hockey News:

A really detailed breakdown of the Pittsburgh Penguins new system.

And a little bit more on that system that preaches controlled carry-ins.

The decline of fighters in the NHL.

The decline of fighters in the NHL is mainly in the Eastern Conference.

I'm starting to think that Chris Pronger in the Department of Player Safety is a really bad idea.

Pronger may seem like a smart choice, but THERE IS CONFLICT OF INTEREST THERE.

The conflict of interest thing can play out in a weirdly logical way.

James Mirtle with a few interesting notes on the weekend that was.

A long read on how CBC lost Hockey Night in Canada.

Olivier Bouchard on the shift in fourth line usage over the past few years. (French)

Sidney Crosby has recovered from the devastation of the Penguins last playoff exit.

Radko Gudas has probably crossed the line more than once in his NHL career and yet he has never been suspended for it.

The Ottawa Senators marketing department should probably rethink their newest idea.

Gordie Howe is part of what we think of when we think of Canada.

Wayne Gretzky interviewed Gordie Howe and it is fabulous.

Grantland Grab Bag: includes memes and farts.

How Sidney Crosby fools goalies. Excellent analysis from Justin Bourne.