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Winnipeg Jets Guessing Games: More Free Food via The Jekyll and Hyde's Freehouse

Jekyll and Hyde's asked us to help give you free stuff, just for being a being a Jets fan.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Winnipeg Jets fans. How are you doing today? You are doing well? That is good to hear, but would you be doing better if you won a prize? Bet your booty you would be! and today is your lucky day - if you are reading this on Friday.

Before we get too far into this I would like to congratulate the week one winner, AIH member majikme, for accurately predicting the Winnipeg Jets first goal scorer, as well as the primary assist getter and the period of play. I would also like to welcome every new member that joined over the last few weeks.

Last week, majikme won a $50 gift certificate to the Jekyll and Hyde's Freehouse. I have no idea if he has used it yet, or what he plans to use it on, but I can tell you that $50 is enough cake to get you a nummy burger, a couple sides and a couple jugs of beer. And guess what? Jekyll and Hyde's is giving away another!

How to win:

Create an account, go to the comment section below and tell us who will score the Winnipeg Jets first goal of the Winnipeg Jets Friday matchup versus Nashville. Obviously, there may be some duplicate answers so tell us:

1) Who will score

2) Who will net the primary assist (unassisted is an option)

3) Period of play

If there is repetition beyond that, we will default to the first person with said answer. If nobody gets all three correct, the first person to guess numbers 1 and 2 wins. If nobody guesses number 2 or 3 correctly, the first person to guess number 1 is the winner. If the Jets are shutout, all guesses will carry forward to Sunday's game verse Calgary.

If you submit your guess and realize it is a duplicate, you are allowed to submit another guess. If you make a guess and realize your player has been scratched or is hurt - tough cookies - you can try again next week. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, it is!

Important note: We are using the same criteria to pick a winner this week, but this won't always be the case. Make sure you thoroughly read the lead to each contest so you don't end up guessing based on last week's criteria.

Thanks again to the Jekyll and Hyde's Freehouse for making these contests possible.

Go Jets Go!

You can read the official Contest Rules 2 here.