Kevin Cheveldayoff finds out about #WhatDidChevyDoToday

Bruce Bennett

Winnipeg Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff stares outside his office window down on the streets below. It is a dark time for his team and the city's tension is rising.

"I must do something!", he thinks to himself.

Chevy completes his daily scan of the waiver wire with a fine-toothed comb but nothing peaks his interest.

"If only there was another James Wright out there, this team could really contend."

Suddenly the phone on his desk rings, in that low, robotic tone. He picks it up.

He is greeted on the other end by heavy breathing.

"Kevin, it's Lawless, I have something to tell you."

"Spit it out", replies the General Manager.

"I've been diligently culling the Twittersphere like you've asked and fans are not happy, particularly with you."

Alarmed, Chevy logs into his secret Twitter account, @FakeJetsGM.

"Alright, what do I need to see?"

"Just type in #WhatDidChevyDoToday. But be warned", Lawless wheezes.

The horror and pain hit him like a shotgun blast to the heart.

Realized that Adam Pardy and Adam Larsson are two different players. #whatdidchevydotoday

Thought that -14 wasn't that cold but then realized that no. was the #NHLJets goal differential not the temperature #whatdidchevydotoday

Called an emergency meeting w/ the MSM Illuminati to brainstorm ideas for tomorrow's papers that take the heat off him #whatdidchevydotoday

"It's those dastardly stat geeks at Arctic Ice Hockey." Lawless exclaimed. "They even have one for me called #Lawgic."

"Good God, they're making t-shirts as well!", Chevy cried. "We can't have those showing up at games, it would ruin us."

Thanking Lawless for his work, Chevy hung up the phone and quickly dialled a new number.

As the sun set upon his corner office overlooking Portage Avenue at 4:30 in the afternoon, Chevy couldn't help but feel the symbolism of the sun setting on his 2012-13 roster far sooner than he had intended. His fingers delicately stroked the edges of his rich, mahogany desk and as he glanced to his right, he noticed his framed selfie depicting him with two thumbs up and the slogan "Hang in there, Chevy" scrawled across the bottom. He smiled, as a voice on the other end of the line finally introduced itself.

"James, it's Kevin. I think it's time we started working on that extension of yours."

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