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Eric O'Dell leads the Winnipeg Jets to victory, owns my heart

In which we gush all over our affinity for Eric O'Dell.

Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports

They said you were crazy to think that man would ever walk on the moon. They said that Jim Belushi could never carve himself a relevant acting career since he was awful at his craft. And yes, they said that Eric O`Dell should never score as a member of the Winnipeg Jets' fourth line.

Well, here we are.

Not only was O`Dell able to notch his second tally in as many games -- despite garnering only 9:34 in ice-time -- but his goal would stand as the one that broke Winnipeg's five game losing streak tonight against the Phoenix Coyotes.

Outside of Paul Maurice's impeccable Windsor knot, my DVD copy of Mean Girls and my Mariah Carey Christmas album, Eric O`Dell won the first star of my heart tonight.

So here's to you, Eric. It's true, right now you're the guy behind the guy, behind the guy. But you're so freaking money and you don't even know it. All the Taylor Swift lyrics in the world cannot express my absolute enamourment for your recent success.

To celebrate, lets dabble in some words that rhyme with Eric:

  • Barbaric.
  • Hysteric.
  • Generic.
  • Alphanumeric.
  • Atmospheric.

Stay gold, Ponyboy.