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2013 NHL Draft: Arctic Ice Hockey's Winnipeg Jets' Community Draft Board Picks 1-5

Arctic Ice Hockey is looking for your help to build the Winnipeg Jets 2013 Draft Board. So tie those Versace wing-tipped shoes, button up that Armani jacket and put on your General Manager hat; it's draft time!

Jamie Sabau

Hello and welcome to the 2013 interactive Winnipeg Jets' Draft Board!

Each year, the scouting staffs of all thirty NHL teams cultivate years worth of data and player analysis, culminating in the creation of their respective Draft Boards. The hope is that their most coveted prospect is still on the board come their selection.

This year the Jets own the thirteenth selection in the first round, five spots lower than their 2012 pick which netted them prospect Jacob Trouba, while Mikhail Grigorenko and Filip Forsberg were still waiting to be selected.

It was a pick that drew some ire and scrutiny at the time. While many have warmed to Trouba over the past season, it got us to thinking about what Winnipeg's draft board must have looked like.

So now we've hatched the idea of putting the job of General Manager solely in your hands. Help us out by participating in our inaugural installment of the community Draft Board.


Use the spreadsheet below to rank the top five available players in this year's draft. Take into account each player's talent, value, need, and character into account when making your selections. If you wish to rank them in terms of "best player available" simply rank them as such, as is your wont.

Players will receive five (5) points for every first place vote, four (4) points for every second place vote, and so on. They will receive zero (0) points if they remain unranked. Total points from all ballots will be added, and the 5 players with the most points will be taken out of the pool of available players and put up on the big board.

Friendly Reminders:
  • This is not a mock draft. We will run an independent mock starting later today.
  • Don't predict what Winnipeg will want to do with their pick, this is your chance to play armchair GM.
  • Assume that everyone you can vote for is available.
  • Don't worry about who other teams will draft.
  • Don't worry about who will available at the thirteenth overall selection.
  • Don't mind that everyone is a "quarterback"; this template was borrowed from our pals at Dawgs by Nature.
  • Please vote only once.
Pick order

Happy draft boarding!