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What does the future hold for Alexander Burmistrov and the Winnipeg Jets?

Myself, Derek Gagnon and Ryan Blight get together for a video roundtable to discuss Russian forward Alexander Burmistrov's future with the Winnipeg Jets.

Earlier today, we followed up on a Gary Lawless report stating that Winnipeg Jets' forward Alexander Burmistrov may have played his last game in the Manitoban capital. The palpable rift between he and head coach Claude Noel has been well documented over the past few months and could come to a head with Burmistrov refusing to sign his upcoming RFA contract.

It should be noted that Burmistrov -- ever the Instagram enthusiast -- took to the media platform this morning to deny any prior knowledge of his request for a trade. In the Lawless article, Burmistrov's agent made the following statement:

"The only question I'm going to answer is to say that Alex is not going to sign in the KHL." Also keep in mind rumours swirled around another Jets' young star last summer in Evander Kane. Word came down from various media outlets that Kane was displeased with his current role, his teammates and coaches. In the end, he signed a new 6-year 31.5MM extension with the club the night before the NHL Lockout commenced.

While Burmistrov's situation remains shrouded in mystery -- much like Kane's contract negotiations before his -- don't hold your breath for a quick resolution.