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Zach Redmond resumes skating, doctors say it's a "miracle"

After nearly bleeding to death when a skate blade severed his femoral artery just over six weeks ago, Jets defender Zach Redmond makes his incredible return to the ice today to the surprise of many.

Marianne Helm

Amongst all of the doom and gloom surround the Winnipeg Jets this morning, at least one ray of sunshine is poking through the dark clouds.

In only what can be described as incredible, Zach Redmond has resumed skating this morning just a few months after nearly bleeding to death after having his femoral artery cut accidentally by teammate Antti Miettinen. That ugly incident happened during the game-day skate on February 21 in Raleigh, North Carolina as the Jets were set to play the Carolina Hurricanes that evening.

It's shocking to think that, just over 6 weeks later, Redmond is back on the ice and that a full recovery is not only expected but could happen sooner rather than later. As I said, incredible.

And now, we return to our regularlily scheduled doom and gloom...

Ha ha. Redmond could return if the Jets made it deep into the playoffs? See you at training camp this fall, Zach.

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Wow, check out this image of Redmond's leg...