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BREAKING: Jets trade___________ for ____________

The Winnipeg Jets dipped into the trade deadline madness when they dealt ______________ to the ______________ for ______________________________________________.

Bruce Fedyck - USA TODAY Sports

The Winnipeg Jets jumped into the mix of trade deadline action when they announced they had traded ___________________ to ______________________ for ______________________________. The move gives Winnipeg ____________________________________. Jets GM Kevin Cheveldayoff had this to say on the matter "_________________________________________. _________________________________! _______________________&__________________________,________________________? ____________________!"

Breaking this deal down, the Jets see _________________________________________________________ leave, while bringing in ______________________________________________________________. Not a bad return considering _______________________________________________________. The Jets now have ________________________________________, which they will obviously hope will help their ongoing problems in regards to ____________________________.

Jets fans must wait and see what else is to come of the day. While it was surprising to see that they pulled the trigger on this deal, it is not outside the realm of possibilities that this will be their only move on the day. Rumors remain that teams are still interested in the services of defenseman________________ and _________________, so we will see if they are still wearing Polar Night Blue when the day is done.