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Come talk hockey with our pals at Stanley Cup of Chowder

Some awful, awful stuff happened in the city of Boston today. Let's join our Beantown brethren in support by watching some NHL hockey together.

Jim Rogash

Today the world witnessed unspeakable acts of terror in the city of Boston, MA that has left us collectively unsettled. At a time like this, the sport of hockey seems to matter less than it did yesterday. While tonight's match-up between the Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senators have been cancelled due to obvious reasons, seven other NHL games will still take place around the league tonight.

Even though the Bruins aren't taking to the ice, our pals in Boston won't let the cowardly acts committed keep them from watching the sport they love:

With that, please join me in watching tonight's games with our blogging friends over at Stanley Cup of Chowder who are hosting an open thread dedicated to all things hockey tonight. Readers of SB Nation sites across the league will be joining us there as well.

So crack a beer, grab a snack selection of your preference and enjoy some hockey with us.