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Wanted: New bloggers for ever expanding Winnipeg Jets coverage at Arctic Ice Hockey

How would you like to join the ranks of the fanboy hacks that write for AIH? It's as simple as applying!


Synopsis: We at Arctic Ice Hockey are now well into our second season of covering actual NHL hockey with our diverse brand of fancy stats and observational humour. Thus far we've been ecstatic with the growth of our Winnipeg Jets fan community and the contributions you have been making to better our site, making us the best Jets blog on the web. But as they said in some shitty superhero movie once: with great power comes great responsibility.

Given all the bells and whistles we have been provided with the September 2012 launch of SB Nation United, we have been pumping out more coverage than ever, mostly through game day coverage as it is an integral part of our daily coverage and tends to elicit good conversation between our valued community members. On any given game day, we have been providing readers with comprehensive previews and recaps, game highlights as well as an array of opinion from our other NHL blogs.

The issue with our content driven approach is that our stable of committed writers are all doing this while juggling their everyday responsibilities. Some of us are tied down with heavy work loads at the office or school. Others are busy making time with our budding families. In my case, I just can't continue to slug out hours of blogging every day to give you guys the content you deserve.

Therefore, it give me great pleasure to announce that we are looking to add to our crew by adding one (or two) more writer(s) over the next few weeks.

What we're looking for: We require someone who is able to contribute content for 2-3 games a week, which can range anywhere from 5-10 posts. While that might sound daunting to start, be advised that most work contributed will be in-and-around a 500 word maximum. Your beat will predominantly revolve around preview, recaps, game day threads and daily news links, although original content is encouraged from time to time. Residing in Winnipeg is definitely a plus not only from a coverage standpoint but also if you enjoy drinking beer on a monthly basis.

Is this a paid gig?: No, it's not. You'd be doing this because you have a love for hockey writing and enjoy drinking beers (sometimes free beers!) with your cohorts.


  • An undying love for the Winnipeg Jets
  • A fanboy hack at heart.
  • A self-starter who enjoys writing and is able to meet timeline requirements.
  • Strong writing skills and the ability to edit your own work is required.
  • Previous writing experience, though beneficial is not required.
  • Knowledge of advanced statistics, though beneficial are not required.
  • Creativity and snark are always an added plus.
  • A deep appreciation for swear words.
How to apply: Please submit a cover letter outlining the following vitals:
  • First and last name
  • AIH username (if you don't have one, put N/A)
  • Your cover letter. This should be two paragraphs in length. Examples of what you could talk about include your writing experience (if any), why you would like to write for AIH, how active of a contributor you anticipate being, and what type of posts you could see yourself writing (whether you prefer preview/reviews and any original content ideas).
  • If you do not have a background in writing, please attach a brief summary of the latest Jets game you've watched as a review (no longer than 300 words) just so we can get a taste for your style.
*Please direct all applications to me directly via email at

How we will proceed: The application period will be open for the next two weeks to give all those interested time to apply. No matter what, YOU WILL BE CONTACTED and advised on whether or not we are hiring you for the position. Those selected will be asked to begin contributing immediately after their SB Nation training.

When you're hired: I will contact you with a few quick tutorials on how the site works in terms of posting, editing, layout changes etc. Once completed, the fun will commence.

We're hoping that there is a strong interest from those who are already members in our community to branch out and join us.

Good luck in advance to all our applicants.


TJ & the crew at Arctic Ice Hockey