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NHL GameCenter Live review: It's pretty okay

The NHL was nice enough to give SB Nation site managers free copies of NHL GameCenter Live. Here's our review.

Bruce Bennett

So yeah, our SB Nation overlords worked really diligently with NHL representatives to score their hockey site managers free NHL GameCenter profiles, on which we've all been watching copious amounts of hockey. Well, some of us have.

If you're a fan of an out of market team -- like myself with my unconditional love for the Washington Capitals -- GameCenter is a great tool to stay tapped into your favourite team.

With apps for the XBOX, PS3, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV, you literally have the NHL at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

And while it's pretty handy to be able to pick up the sport at your leisure, there are some underlying issues with the service -- predominantly with its streaming process.

Because the program is 100% internet based, you need a high-speed connection to even think about using the product. Although we live in the 21st century and HSI is readily available to the masses, there are still drawbacks -- especially when your fiancee houses a Breakfast Club at her place of residence. If there are multiple users on your server, the feed slows considerably, becomes granulated and the sound makes you feel as though you're listening through a tin can.

Another draw back -- at least for me -- is the lack of access to the NHL Vault on the AppleTV app. It could also use a picture-and-picture feature like the one featured in NFL GamePass, which allows you to cycle through four games at once. Local and national blackouts also make this product obsolete if you're an in-market Winnipeg Jets fan.

All things considered, if the conditions are perfect, NHL GameCenter Live is a decent way to watch the sport we love. Being a fan of an out of market team makes this a viable product for me, but for most Winnipeggers, you're better off purchasing TSN Jets.